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Clojars Project

Clojure library for automating and tracking infrastructure improvements


Build a namespace in your project that depends on clj-infra.core

Then build a function that invokes with-infra-tracking!, which opens up a tracking database that you can then pass to apply-infra! to perform and keep track of infrastructure updates and rollbacks.

Check out src/pleroma.clj for a complete working example


Things I've learned along the way.

Do all your waiting at the end : If you build out, for example, a Digital Ocean droplet and a database, you should : initiate creation for each of them and then wait instead of waiting for each one : separately

Build out "permanent" structures first : Databases that you intend to reuse between components, or even to : keep in use later on, should likely be built out early on in : the process. That way, for example, if you make architecture changes you can : rollback just to the database and roll forward a new architecture.


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