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Host a virtual cafe! Have interesting (and maybe useful) conversations in-person with other human beings.


We develop using Java 21

And our source control is fossil

You'll need Leiningen to build and run

Whatever OS you use, there MUST be support for POSIX file permissions. For Windows, you can use WSL


Start the server in your terminal:

lein run

When it starts up you will see what URLs you can use to connect. Just open one of them in your browser and you should get a configuration screen. As the screen loads, a password will show up in the terminal output. That will need to be entered into the configuration screen.

Every time you get a validation issue, a new password will show up.

If you don't want the server to email you or aren't ready for email configuration, you can use "test" in all the email configuration fields except the port. That just needs to be any number. Then whenever the server was going to send an email instead the content will show up in the terminal output.

If you don't configure an authentication provider, you will need to log in using email. To log in, use the email address you entered when you setup the server.


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